What is the turn around time?

The turn around time to print, frame and ship an artwork is 2-4 weeks from date of order.

Are the artworks available in different frames?

Yes, we have many framing options, please call or email us with your frame preference. We can custom frame any of the images 

What is the largest size you can ship?

Our largest box size is 150cm x 102cm and large canvas artworks can be shipped in this box size, or a large framed print behind acrylic. The largest glass framed box is 120cm x 100cm 

I have a project requiring a large number of frames, is Creative Frames and mirrors able to assist me?

Yes, we have done many large projects, including fitting hotels out with art and mirrors, various commercial projects, cruise ships, restaurants, etc. We are able to source, curate, design, print, frame and install large and small projects