Surma Tribe - Featured Artist Nadine Saacks

Limited Edition Exhibition Art  - Surma Tribe Photography

Sydney based photographer Nadine Saacks journeyed into Ethiopia's remote Omo Valley to witness the bodypainting traditions of the Surma people -- before they're lost. 

This is a twice a year event, for the planting season and the harvest season. the body paint is a creative release for the Surma, as they have nothing else to paint, no sheets, no walls, also they are nomads so they don't stay long in the same place, so they paint on their own bodies. They go to the river and select pigments and rocks and paint.

Nadine has returned with a series of stunning imagery and portraits to tell the tale of the Surma.

Photography of the one of a kind  Painted and Decorated Surma Tribe is available 
Premium grade framed canvases & cotton rag prints, setback behind museum glass. 

Only 30 of each available in Limited Edition series